Squared Circe Television - GLOW Season 2

July 16, 2018

Finally...Squared Circle Televison is back to cover the new season of Netfilx's GLOW!  We also discuss dating in LA and racist Uber drivers, we take a trip to Hulk Hogan Corner, and we play the classic game What Is Ahmed Johnson Saying?!


50) Clash of the Titans

July 2, 2018

That's right!  It is our 50th episode, the golden episode of Squared Circle Cinema, the podcast where we keep watching movies that we don't like.  On this episode we rejoice that Mike is alive, we attempt to get World Cup fever, we get to know an unknown wrestler, and we watch the 1981 epic Clash of the Titans starring Pat Roach.  


49) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

June 18, 2018

Welcome back!  This episode The Muffler and Big Tobacco discuss Father's Day, CM Punk's fight, they unveil a new segment covering the latest Hulk Hogan news, and they talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation starring Debra.  Enjoy!  HH


48) Back in Action

June 4, 2018

You have the right to remain silent and listen to this week's podcast.  On this episode The Muffler and Big Tobacco talk about self love, Cobra Kai on YouTube, they play around on flickchart.com, and then discuss Bcak in Action starring Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks.  


47) Rock of Ages

May 21, 2018

In a moment you've all been waiting for Mike finally brings back his legendary Match of the Month segment.  The guys also discuss Laurel or Yanny, gay bar etiquette, hair bands, and Rock of Ages starring Kevin Nash!


46) The Chaperone

May 7, 2018

Cinco de Mayo is holiday time, holiday time in Squared Circle Cinema.  This episode we discuss the problem with The Greatest Royal Rumble, lack of sympathy for artificial intelligence, slavery in WWE, and The Chaperone starring Triple H.  


45) Andre the Giant

April 23, 2018

On a very special episode of Squared Circle Cinema we discuss the preservation of historical buildings, open container laws, local wrestling, we do a special Squared Circle Cinema trivia round provided by Justin at JustTrivia, and we discuss all things Andre the Giant in honor of his brand new HBO Documentary.  


44) The Fifth Element

April 11, 2018

Big Tobacco attempts to find redemption by taking on a Macro Brew Challenge.  Will he be vindicated and be crowned the Prince of Pisswater?  Later, there is a brief WWE Hall of Fame discussion.  In our main event we discuss The Fifth Element starring Z-Gangsta.  


43) The Last Witch Hunter

March 26, 2018

Squared Circle Cinema is back for part 2 of our Ultimate Wrestlemania Trivia Challenge!  Will Big Tobacco defy the odds and make the comeback of a lifetime against The Muffler?  Do we have a squash match on our hands of epic proportions?  Find out as we ask each other questions about Wrestlemanias 18 through 33.

In our main event we discuss The Last Witch Hunter starring Kurt Angle in a briefest performance contender.  

We also unvail a new method for choosing films starring professional wrestlers.  


42) Road House

March 12, 2018

On a super sized show we discuss the sanctity of the relationship between tag team partners, we check back in with Tyler Decay and Kathy with a K, we go into part one of our WRESTLEMANIA TRIVIA CHALLENGE, and we discuss Road House starring Terry Funk.  Enjoy!